Friday, May 29, 2009

Bread with Hefeweizen Beer Yeast Update

Well, the bread took a bit longer than usual to rise, Ill attribute that to the age of the yeast cake I used (6wks) a bit old, but it still worked. The bread was just as many other experiments with bread yeast, nothing spectacular, it was a very moist dense bread, with average flavor. It has stayed extremely fresh out in the open, as the other breads, this has to do a lot with the time it was given to rise. Most people want fresh homemade bread too quick, you have to be willing to wait for a really good bread.

I'm not giving up on this though, and plan to use fresher hefe yeast soon, I also plan on boiling some runnings to a thick syrup to add to the bread for additional flavor
Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bread with Hefeweizen Beer Yeast

Ive experimented in the past with brewers yeast in breads, but have had mixed results. Some loaves were great, some didn't rise, and some had strange flavors. The ones that did turn out really didn't show any surprising qualities that would make me choose it over a normal loaf of bread. Granted all the yeasts I had used were fairly neutral, and I didn't expect much, if anything from them.

During the summer months I enjoy having a traditional hefeweizen around, although not as much for me as my friends. Still I really like the flavor combination of clove, banana, and some fruitiness (bubblegum, lichi, apple - try 3638). They compliment each other very well, and produce a tasty beer.

I'm hoping that I can get these flavors to shine in a loaf of bread. A nice sweet bread to start the morning off, with hints of clove and banana, just like drinking a hef for breakfast! This first recipe is just a basic bread to see if I can get the yeast to produce its typical esters, if it works I plan on rebaking a sweet bread to compliment the flavors.

Hefeweizen Bread

3.0 C Bread Flour
1.0 C Flat Bavarian Hefe
0.5 C Spent Grain

2tsp Salt
1tsp Bavarian Hefe Yeast Cake

Night before you want to eat the bread, mix half of flour and salt in a bowl, warm beer to ~90F, add yeast and liquid to flour and mix. Allow the sponge to sit ~20min, then mix in remaining ingredients. Knead the dough until smooth and elastic (adding more flour if necessary) Oil a bowl and place the dough ball in, cover or place a damp towel over the top. Allow to rise overnight in a cool location.

2hrs prior to baking knead dough down and allow to rise. Place dough on a pizza stone and cover with an oven safe bowl, or use a dutch oven, this keeps moisture in the bread

Bake at 450F for 15min
Bake at 400F for 15min
Bake at 350F for 15min

Cool and eat

I'll post a pic in the coming days of the bread (hopefully amazingly flavored and a nice presentation) and a full review

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

100% Brett L Malty Brown

Ive really been itching to do a 100% Brett L beer for awhile now, and this weekend I'm finally getting the chance. I was on a brewing hiatus for ~3.5wks while I was dealing with the final details for moving into a new house.

This beer wont really be 100% brett L, I guess to be accurate it'll be about 80% brett L, as I plan on taking 4gal to ferment with Brett Lambicus, and souring a gallon with the dregs from Oro de Calabaza by Jolly Pumpkin, and Cantillon Gueuze. I will stabilize the soured gallon by fining and hitting it with some campden over a few weeks, that way hopefully this one wont end up too dry.
I want something that is very caramelly and has toffee notes, a little fruity/funky from the brett and a slight tanginess while still slightly sweet. After reading that I realize this will be quite a feat to pull off! After this beer is done I plan on using the yeast cake for a true 100% Brett L beer, and may even do What the Funk Reloaded using brett L, considering how much I like the original.

Brett L Malty Brown

OG 1060: IBU 20:5.75gal: Eff 82%

9.o lbs 2-Row
1.0 lbs Special Roast
0.5 lbs 80L
0.5 lbs Acid Malt
1.0 oz Carafa III special

0.5oz Zeus 16.4% 60min

4.50 gal - Wyeast Brett Lambicus 5526

0.75 gal - Cantillon Gueuze Dregs
0.50 gal - Oro de Calabaza + Calabaza Blanca Dregs

Notes: Brett L was built up with a stir plate starter, 4L of ~1045 starter was used, and had to be the weirdest looking starter Ive ever made, a very dense hard layer formed on top of the little whirlpool: Prior to pitching the brett starter the 4gal of wort was driven anaerobic by submerging dry ice into the wort, this will hopefully have the effect of making the beer a bit more sour and making the brett a bit more expressive (experience that others have noted on BBB): Oro de calabaza + cantillon dregs were stepped up with 500mL of ~1045 wort that was kept at ~85F to increase lactic and other bacterial growth, this was then pitched into the wort

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Smoked Ale - Review

Appearance - Ruby brown, very clear, 2 finger cream colored head that slowly fades to a thin cap with heavy lacing

Aroma - Smokey, but not overly strong, even though its peat it reminds me of bacon

Taste - slightly sweet upfront with some nuttiness, smoke is all in the finish, bitterness is restrained and it lets the smoke really shine.

Mouthfeel - medium body, with medium carbonation, fits the beer pretty well

Drinkability - Good beer, not nearly as smokey as I was hoping, but it actually worked out better that way. I tasted it when bottling and the peat malt came across a bit rough on the palate, this has since smoothed out and the hints of smoke are a really nice touch with a hamburger or steak. I planned this as a bbq beer, but I find myself drinking at random times with other meals as well, as the smoke really mixes well with a lot of food. This is definitely a good beer to pair with meat dishes.

Notes/Thoughts - Smokiness came out a bit more subdued than I was originally planning, which is a good thing, I think you could easily use another 0.5# of peat malt in this beer to make it more smokey although it might be a bit more one dimensional. After using peat for the first time I think that you could use 1# very easily in a porter or stout without having the flavor come across too strong. I think this will be an annual summer beer, although I will probably play with different smoked malts each time. Ill have to try and save a bottle to compare

Brewday 4/11/09 - Recipe & Notes

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blonde Ale III - First Tasting

No updates for awhile, Ive been busy with school/work/moving into a new house. But I planned for a brewing hiatus this month by brewing a lot last month, and I have plenty of thirst quenching beers available right now. Im hoping I will be able to brew again sometime next week, Ive got the Brett L sitting in the fridge ready to be tossed into a starter!

Appearance - Light Golden color, very clear - pic doesn't do it justice, 1½ finger head that dissipates leaving nice lacing in the glass

Aroma - very subtle graininess, some floral and citrus notes with a touch of honey

Taste - Slightly grainy, pils malt really comes through, light bitterness that lingers pleasantly, a sweetness reminiscent of honey in the finish yet still very dry.

Mouthfeel - light body, with moderately high carbonation, fits it well, very easy to drink and thirst quenching on a hot day like today!

Drinkability - a Good beer, not as grainy/bready as previous iterations of the recipe, but Ill attribute that to a much higher efficiency this time around, still a damn good beer but a bit more lightly flavored than in the past, hop presence is subtle and mostly in the aroma, it really adds a nice dimension to the beer.

Notes/Thoughts - Probably wont change much with this one, maybe cut back on my efficiency a bit to get more flavor in there (more graininess). Bitterness is good, nice and light, I think I prefer the sterlings to the other hops Ive used in it previously (cascade, hallertau) its more floral/earthy and it fits well, the US05 did well in it, I think it accentuated the honey malt a bit, but I still think I prefer US04 for the light fruitiness it provides when fermented cool

Brewday 4/2/09 - Recipe & Notes

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