Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hot Wing Beer Chaser - Ranch Beer?

As a follow up to the Hot Wing Beer I'm brewing up a really small batch of a Ranch Beer. What could pair better with that beer than one of these? They are a match made in heaven.

Originally I had wanted to do a Bleu Cheese Beer but I wasn't really sure how to incorporate the ceese into the beer. I had thought about culturing up some of the mold that makes bleu cheese so tasty, but after reading a bit online, it seems that penicillium roqueforti can produce toxins under certain conditions, one of which was close to what you'd expect in beer.

So bleu cheese was out, but luckily ranch was easy to accomplish. I added a small portion of a ranch packet to the beer before bottling. Not thinking about it though I just tossed the spices into the beer before bottling, yeah that didn't work too well. The ranch spices really didn't want to mix in, and it took forever to get it to work. It was a pretty disgusting thing to see in the bottom of my bottling bucket.....
The base recipe for the ranch beer was exactly the same as the hot wing beer, with about a half of a packet of ranch mix added when I bottled. Hopefully I'll be able to bottle the hot wing beer in the next couple of days, so I can gross everyone out next week!

What would you do if you asked for a beer, and someone handed you a ranch flavored beer without telling you?


Anonymous said...

was this ranch beer any good? or did you not even try it?

Anonymous said...

That ain't right.

Ryan said...

that was the point! It was a gag for a bachelor party

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