Friday, December 11, 2009

Update and Pics

Ive really been slacking on updating the blog recently. Ive got a few beers that Ive been playing with recently that I need to get posted. Hopefully in the next couple of days I will post an ESB review, a Xocolatl review, Rhubarb Berliner Weiss review and a recipe for my next weirdo beer, Ive also been playing with some various fruits and techniques that are pretty interesting, but for now Ill only tease with some pictures.

Today I racked and bottled the Caramelized Apple Cider. The taste was pretty good for a very young cider and I'm pretty hopeful for how this one is going to turn out. In a young cider the alcohol is usually fairly apparent and this one is no different but it did have a fairly strong apple flavor that really surprised me. It also had a lot more body than any other cider that I've previously made. The FG was 1008, I really didn't expected it to finish that high but I really like how big the mouthfeel is.

On another topic, I also added ~4lbs of fresh blackberries to 2gallons of a year old lambic today. After my first tasting of it in nearly 6months I think the blackberries will really blend well with the other flavors in the beer. Tasting it plain the lambic was very citrusy and only mildly funky, overall I'm very pleased with how its coming along. I plan on splitting the other four gallons in the batch with various fruits but I haven't really decided on what types to use just yet.

Along with all the beers I have been planning to brew soon (IIPA, ESB, 100% Oat Malt, Lambic, Cider, Schwarzbier, 20% abv RIS, Smoked Doppelsticke) I now have one more that I have to find a way to squeeze in. Al B on BBB recently just sent out his Bug Farm batch 3, and I was fortunate enough to receive one of the vials from him. I'm really not sure what to brew with it just yet, and I really need to look over the list of bugs in it again.

After this vial I really owe Al some good beer, this is the third vial he has sent my way (2 x Berliner Culture, Bug Farm 3), and right now the last attempt with his Berliner culture really smells like sauerkraut. I'm not sure what to do with that beer yet, I'm really hoping that its just sulphur from the German ale yeast that's making it smell and with some additional conditioning things will dissipate. I'm gonna give it another couple weeks, if it doesn't clear up I plan on adding some Brett L to the mix and see if that helps the situation.

And one last picture of an ingredient that might make you question my sanity?


Dan said...

Butter? I'd try browning it to bring out the nutty flavors. The problem is melting temp, how are you going to manipulate that? (and if it's not butter, please disregard my craziness).

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