Saturday, February 5, 2011

Schwarzbier Redux Review

This was quite an unexpected find in my mess of kegs about a week ago. I had completely forgotten about the beer as it Lagered away for over a year! All that time definitely was worth the wait.......

Appearance: Jet black with a dense two finger tan head, head dissipates after about 1/4 of the glass is drank leaving lots of sticky lacing and some small patches of bubbles

Aroma: Malt! hops are very very subdued, as they should be, hints of bread and coffee

Taste: Very clean and malty, lots of bready flavors from all the dark munich, bitterness is very subdued but balances the malt very well, hints of coffee and roast flavors in the finish which linger on the palate

Mouthfeel: Moderately high body, I prefer it with lower carbonation but I have it carbed up to about 2.4vols of CO2 and that suits it well too, although this level accentuates the coffee notes a bit

Drinkability: Very easy drinker, goes down smoother than last years version, although the beers came out considerably different from one another

Overall: Very easy drinker, the hints of roast in the finish really help to balance the maltiness of the beer, lower carbonation seems to cut the roast flavors a bit and accentuate the bready/malty flavors more, if I was forced to choose between the two Schwarzbiers Ive done to date I would probably side with this one. The malt depth on this beer is surprisingly good and is more in-line with what I was shooting for overall.


Jorge - Brew Beer And Drink It said...

That looks pretty nice... jet black color and nice creamy head...

I'm assuming you have a spare fridge/freezer to lager your beers... what temp did this beer sit at?

Ryan said...

Yah Ive got a chest freezer in the garage for long term storage/lagering

it sat out there at ~32F for a year

Home Brewing Neil said...

This looks good, wish I had a fridge to lager one of these in.

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