Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hoppy Fragrant Wheat - Review

Appearance - Hazy golden color, with a 1 finger head that lingers. Only small amounts of lacing as you drink

Aroma - Woody, slightly sweetish malty aroma and maybe some sort of dark berry?

Taste - A subtle wheatiness, although the woody, earthy hoppiness is the "strongest" of the flavors present. There is a very light sweetness to the beer, but it is definitely balanced toward the IBU's which linger in the mouth for a couple seconds after drinking. There is a dark berry flavor in the finish as well. None of the flavors are very strong though.

Mouthfeel - Medium to Medium-low body, carbonation moderately high (for me anyway) and it balances out the beer well

Drinkability - First beer Ive ever brewed that SWMBO actually drank most of herself and killed the keg! Its and easy drinker, nothing really jumps out at you so its something that you can drink a lot of without palate fatigue.

Overall - A beer I'll basically be required to brew again.... I thought it was an OK beer, nothing about it really distinguishes itself and I feel the beer is about middle of the road for flavor/etc. I'm guessing this in-distinctiveness is why SWMBO likes it, as nothing really dominates and its easy on the palate.

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