Sunday, November 13, 2011

Black Currant Melomel - Recipe & Tasting

Appearance - Dark Burgundy some ruby highlights when held to the light, extremely clear but should be after 3yrs in the bottle

Aroma - Dark Fruit, hints of leather, currant and blackberry, with a honey-like sweetness lingers

Taste - Tart, bursting with the flavor of black currants, slight bit of alcohol like you get in most red wines, and a very dry tannic finish that lingers on the tongue. Slight warming feeling as you drink more

Mouthfeel - Very full bodied and velvety

Drinkability - Nice dry red wine that pairs well with a rich meal, and I typically don't like dry red wines.

Notes & Thoughts - I actually like this now that it has aged quite a bit. Early on it reminded me of acidic tomato juice, and I was always on the lookout for ways to use it up (cooking/vinegar/etc). I'm glad that a couple bottles survived and I got another chance at tasting this. I think this is something I might do again in small batches, so that I can forget about it and occasionally pull out a bottle. I really think that a smaller amount of juice in the batch could make this one age a bit faster and soften the acidity which would improve the taste. So If I were to brew it I would halve the amount of currant juice.

Ombres Tombent Melomel

Amt (lbs)Type
6.0Wild Flower Honey
32 oz*Black Currant Juice (Knudsens)
YeastLalvin K1V116
~13% abvFG1013
Notes: * - I would suggest using half this amount of juice, as I feel that the currant is a bit too strong in the batch as it was made


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