Saturday, February 4, 2012

D'Artagnan Perry - Carbonated Version Review

Appearance - Dark golden, great clarity you could read a newspaper through it, no head, but a constant stream of bubbles breaking at the surface

Aroma - Tons of pear and apple, slightly sweetish, with hints of something else that's hard to put my finger one, maybe hints of honey?, overall very fruity with a small hint of a cellar-like quality

Taste - Sweet and tart apple/pear-like flavor, soft acidic finish, it has a very cellar-like quality that is difficult to describe.  It has the same type of finish as a relatively fresh Basque cider.

Mouthfeel - Very high carbonation that is quite prickly on the tongue. Generally I dislike high amounts of carbonation, but it suits this perry very well

Drinkabililty - I really love this perry, it has a nice touch of sweetness to balance the acidity and the high carbonation suits it extremely well.  Its definitely a thirst quencher!

Oaked Version review - 9/12/2011
Brewday - Recipe & Notes - 11/15/2010


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