Friday, February 24, 2012

Millet Table Beer

Its already getting warmer here in AZ which means its time to brew another table beer for the hot spring days ahead.  All of the Belgian table beers Ive brewed over the last year or so have been big hits, and rarely do they last more than 2weeks.  Great thing about the ones Ive done is that while they all are similar, they each have had their own unique character (spelt, D2, amaranth) that's really kept me wanting more.  This one hopefully wont be much different.

For this attempt at a table beer I decided to use millet as my adjunct grain.  When I was looking for exotic grains this was the only thing that I could find easily.  Ive had millet a few times at ethnic restaurants and I wasn't really ever that impressed. It was always a slightly nutty mush pile that in my opinion need a bit of texture to make it worth eating.  Somehow though I have a feeling that it will work in beer much better though.  To try and help that along I decided to pan toast the millet until became fragrant and started popping.  I'm hoping this will help to bring out the nutty flavors in the beer.  Strangely thought toasting the millet didn't result in much color development.

Other than the millet, this table beer basically follows the template of all the others Ive done. I should note though, that this beer as with any I do using an unmalted grain I ground the millet essentially to flour (pic).  Ive never had a problem doing this with wheat, amaranth, etc, but in this case I added a handful or two of rice hulls  when I sparged. Just like all my other Belgian table beers this one follows the same recipe; lower gravity beer with lots of late hopping, Belgian yeast, and an adjunct grain.  This time around for yeast I didn't have any Ardennes around so I stepped up a frozen culture of Belgian strong WY1388.  Which after a year plus in a tube seemed a bit strange (strange yeast formation on starter surface) but it went off like gangbusters in the primary.

Millet Table Beer

Malt Bill
Amt (lbs)Type
2.5Millet (Toasted)
Amt (oz)TypeTime
1.0EKG (5.1%)60
1.0EKG (5.1%) 10
1.0EKG (5.1%) KO
Mash Schedule
170F2.1qt/lb15min - vorlauf
YeastBelgian Witbier WY3944 (frozen stock)
82% effIBU23
6.5gal BoilFG
Notes: First mash step (147F) was an accident, I grabbed mash in water when it was too cool, I quickly added 2qt of boiling water to step up the temp. Hopefully it wont affect the beer too much:  

Review - 4.24.2012 - Notes & Thoughts

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Jeff Cutts said...

I was just in the bulk grains/spices aisle at Whole Foods yesterday, and upon seeing the millet, teff, quinoa, and amaranth [spelt too] all in a row, I immediately thought of your Belgian table beer and how I can't wait to brew it again, perhaps this time with some sort of interesting/exotic grain in the mix. I loved the original, and another BTB is definitely in the foreseeable future, so I look forward to hearing how this one comes out.

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