Thursday, March 8, 2012

Corn Lager - Review

Appearance - Light golden yellow, two finger bright white head with a bit of staying power. Exceptional clarity but it should after over a year in the keg. Lots of lacing down the glass as you drink

Aroma - Slight Pils sweetness from the malt, however the hops seem to dominate the aroma and they come off as slightly oxidized. This is something I noticed in the kolsch version of this beer as well.

Taste - Smooth with a touch of sweetness from the pils malt, it is however definitely tipped more towards the hops.  Slightly more bitter than I would like. Fairly clean malt and yeast taste, however the hops have a slightly phenolic/oxidized note that doesnt sit well with me.

Mouthfeel - Medium/light body with farily high carbonation, fairly full feeling.

Drinkability - A nice beer, but the hops are distracting, which is strange because I normally love crystal hops.

Notes/Thoughts - A good attempt at a classic American Pilsner but the hops were a bit distracting.  I did have some bad luck with hops from hopsdirect last year being a bit less than fresh, so Im betting on this being the culprit.  This beer would be exceptional if I did two thing . 1 - Drop the mash temp to 150, 2 - use different fresher hops.

Brewday - 1/16/2011 - Recipe & Notes


HokieBrewer said...

Could you taste corn apart from the sweetness it lent?

I brewed a cream ale with Vienna and a healthy portion of corn grits. Mashed really low and served it highly carbonated. The grits added a very interesting mouthfeel, even it high carbonation it had a thick silky mouthfeel. The biggest issue was young it had a very "corn-y" smell to it. Wondering if flaked corn would avoid that versus grits.

Ryan said...

there was a very subtle corniness if you looked for it, but for the most part it was a slight sweetness

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