Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jaggery Pale Ale - Review

Ok so that's is a pretty terrible picture, but the keg tapped before I had any idea it was even close to finishing.  I was lucky to fill that little 2-3oz glass to get anything.

Appearance - Slightly hazy golden with orange highlights, a long lasting head that leaves a nice amount of lacing as you drink the beer.  Haze seems to be mostly yeast related, I'm thinking I pushed the yeast a bit too far (too many batches)

Aroma - Subtle yet noticeable jaggery nose, its almost butter-like with hints of coconut. Sweet malty finish that is quite bready. Unfortunately hops are no where to be seen

Taste - Sweetish and malty, but with a light toffee and caramel flavor.  The beer tastes very creamy and smooth, again no site of the hops. Nicely bitter and even slightly tipped towards the bitterness rather than the malt, but its all in the finish.  The beer starts sweeter and malty but finishes with a lingering bitterness

Mouthfeel - Slick and full, but somehow still very light feeling.  All that sugar did thin the body out quite a bit from what I'd expect from an all MO beer, but there is a slickness that I don't know what to attribute it to other than the sugar.  Medium-Low carbonation that highlights the subtle earthy tones of the nearly non-existent hops and more importantly allows the subtle jaggery flavors to be a bit more apparent than if it were more fizzy

Drinkablity - Nice beer, could use some tweaks. Number 1 of which is more of a hop presence.  I used some new EKG's from hopsdirect that I wasn't enthusiastic about (no cones all broken up) but that shouldn't surprise me since Ive never really ever been happy with the aromatic characteristics of their hops.  Bittering seems to work Ok, but they can seem to hold a candle to Freshops when it comes to flavor/aroma.  Anyway this beer was enjoyed by all.  The jaggery was fairly subtle, something I'm attributing to the type of jaggery. I usually get a different brand and this one was quite as potent tasting.

Brewday - Recipe & Notes - 5/4/2012


Grumpy Brewster said...

This sounds absolutely delicious. I may try to brew something along these lines in the fall.

Will said...

I was very disappointed with the 2011 EKG wholeleaf hops from HD. Some of the worst quality EKG's I've come across. Lots of leaf material and shredded bines among the cones and they have a slightly cheesy aroma. However, the pellets are of good quality.

Ryan said...

Will - Ive noticed this in many of their other hops as well, they seem to bitter fine, but freshops has the higher quality for aroma/taste

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