Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sumac Wibier - Review

Appearance - One finger dense white hear that dissipates leaving only small amounts of lacing, very clear golden with an ever so slight bit of haze, very pilsner-eque

Aroma - A strong, sweet and bready pilsner aroma, slightly herbally with a wisp of lemon and pepper

Taste - Spicy and phenolic, not as yeasty now as it used to be (which I like in a wit) Now that the yeast has dropped out a bit the yeasty phenolics are much more forward and defined.  A tiny bit of tartness mid drink that meshes well with the sweetness of the pils malt.  Slightly bitter finish with a hint of lemon

Mouthfeel - Relatively full bodied beer, but no where near as thick as my usual witbiers are (no oatmeal) medium high carbonation

Notes/Thoughts - The sumac is definitely a nice addition to the beer. It was  bit more prominent when I first tapped the keg and has now become much more of a background note.  Now that the yeast has dropped out of the beer, and with the hints of lemon (sumac) and pepper (yeast) this has more of a saison-like quality to it than a witbier.  Guess I'm too used to milkshake thick wits with the sweetness of oats.  I definitely think that sumac has a place as an accent in Belgian beers, and probably in sours.  In fact I think sumac and pink muscats would be a great addition to a quick table sour!

Brewday - 3/22/2012 - Recipe & Notes

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