Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Belma the Husky Blonde

I recently got my order of hops for this year, and one of the new ones I picked up was Belma from HopsDirect.  I'm sure a lot of other people out there got them as well, I mean for $5 it was hard to pass up a pound of hops!  However like some of the other new varieties Ive tried from HopsDirect, there really isn't much info out there about how these new hops will taste. So I thought, why not try a sole hop beer (not really that uncommon for me) that will hopefully highlight the taste and bitterness of Belma.

I decided that I would use a fairly basic grist of Pilsner, but for a long time Ive really wanted to add oats to a pale blonde-type beer.  I figured this would be a great chance. Now I don't really know how well the oaty flavors will pair with citrus-like hops, and I really actually think that something like EKGs or Strisselspalt would work better, but I did it anyway.  Sometimes you just have to take a chance.  The combination did leave me with what I think is a great name for the beer, a hearty mouthfeel from the oats and hopefully a strong hoppy presence from the Belma.

One last thing I did on this beer, and something Ive been playing with more lately is adjust the water profile.  This time however I basically made my own water, although I still added in 1qt of tap water (micronutrients).  The water profile I shot for was one that would emphasize the maltiness and was balanced for the pale color of this beer.  Ive included the water profile (sans tap water addition below the recipe)

Belma the Husky Blonde
Malt Bill
Amt (lbs)Type
1.0Flaked Oats
Amt (oz)TypeTime
0.25Belma (12.1%)60
0.75Belma (12.1%)10
1.0Belma (12.1%)5
1.0Belma (12.1%)KO
Mash Schedule
170F2.0qt/lb15min - vorlauf
YeastLondon ESB 1968 Slurry x 800mL starter
84% effIBU27
6.5gal BoilFG-
Notes: Water Profile:  135-Ca: 6-Mg: 85-Na: 179-Cl: 136-SO4 (mg/L)


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