Saturday, January 5, 2013

Chocolate Saison - Review

So time go the better of me again and I never got around to adding the homemade candy syrup to this beer.  Guess I'll have to test the chocolaty flavors in another brew.  Essentially this review boils down to two variables I'm testing out.
  1. Testing the chocolate flavors of boricha/mugicha in another beer
  2. Wyeast French Saison yeast

Appearance - Black with dark brown highlights, dense beige head that leaves substantial lacing in the glass and a thin wisp on top of the beer

Aroma - Chocolate!! tons of chocolate, not much yeast or hop smell

Taste - Very dry, strong dark chocolate flavor. Minimal yeast derived flavors, which is very disappointing, slight hints of coffee.  

Mouthfeel - Medium carbonation, with a very silky smooth body.  slightly too carbonated for my tastes

Drinkability - Tastes exactly like a strong really dark chocolate, good all around beer but I would really like a tad more sweetness and a bit more yeasty flavors. 

Notes/Thoughts - The French saison yeast is very very bland compared to the Dupont strain.  Contrary to what lots of people say Ive never had any difficulty getting Dupont to finish quickly.  Any extra effort you have to give to use the Dupont strain its well worth it after tasting the blandness that is the French Saison yeast.  I really don't think I'll ever use it again, blech.  As for the boricha, it is extremely chocolaty again, I think Ive found it takes a bit of time aging for the flavors to really come out.  This time around I decided to add 1tsp of vanilla when I kegged the beer.  Its not enough to taste but really accentuates the chocolate flavors

Brewday - 8/18/2012 -  Recipe & Notes


Bear Flavored said...

This Boricha stuff sounds really interesting, I'd love to try it in a brew myself. Any idea where you can buy it online? I'm not turning up much. I can't imagine where I'd find a store carrying it near my house. Maybe a Natural Food Market?

Ryan said...

Ive looked online myself without much luck,(ebay is the only place and its $$ ~$20/lb and not worth it)

There is one brand in particular (Rhee Bros) that is the chocolatiest, the other brands Ive tried, while chocolatey arent quite the same

For any of them though a bit of cold aging in the keg (2-4wks) helps the chocolate flavor come out, as does a miniscule amt of vanilla (2-3tsp) At this level you dont really taste the vanilla, but vanilla is something that accentuates other flavors

Hokiebrewer said...

Just kegged my boricha milk stout last night. You're spot on with the chocolate descriptor. I used a lb of boricha and a lb of chocolate malt in a 10 gal batch and it's fantastic.

Ryan said...

Hokie - Im glad it turned out! Im curious though, what brand of boricha did you use?

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