Saturday, May 17, 2014

Brett T. Nelson - Brett Trois IPA

I know I'm not the first person to put this combination together, though I must admit I'm not entirely sure where I came across the mix.  Whoever or wherever my source of inspiration for this beer is, I appreciate it! Something about the mix (grapey, tropical fruit, gooseberries, and white wine) just sounds amazing!

Its been a bit since my last 100% brett beer.  In fact my funky, wild and sour brewing in general has been a bit lacking in the last year or so.  I plan on changing that in the next few months with lots of ideas I've been saving up during my brewing hiatus over the last year, though I will sprinkle in some "normal" beers to keep the taps flowing.

For this beer it couldn't be more simple, a grist of Vienna, copious amounts of Nelson Sauvin hops and Brett Trois. I'm expecting this to be a introduction to Brettanomyces for all the new hop-heads I've met since I moved to the Inland NW. I think this recipe is more of a bridge between a 'normal' beer and a wild and funky one (Brett T is just too fruity and un-brett like when the beer is young).  Slowly I hope to bring other local homebrewers over to the funk.

From an otherwise very simple recipe, I did decide to take the complexity up one notch; I adjusted the water profile.  For this beer I wast targeting a profile to provide a relatively balanced beer (Malt:IBUs), though slightly tipped towards the malt. To do this I adjusted the water profile by adding some gypsum and calcium chloride.

One thing that I really do wish is that we could get whole leaf NZ hops here in the States.  I know that shipping hops over seas makes this unlikely due to the shipping costs, but I really do hate pellets.  Ive always avoided them because of the mess of dealing with the sludge.  Now I suppose I could use a spider or a hop sock, but that's extra equipment and mess to deal with. To top it off I far and away prefer the extra filtering capabilities that whole hops offer, which really help me to keep junk out of the fermentor.

One really nice thing about this brew day was that unlike my other recent brewing attempts this brew day went off without a hitch.  No mid-mash soldering, no boil overs, no leaking HLT fittings, no missing equipment or broken wall warts. All in all it was actually kind of enjoyable for once! I think the best part of the day  though was when I got a good laugh from my dogs.  They hung out with me in the garage because it was raining and I hadn't really paid any attention to them.  Towards the end of the day I looked over and them and realized I had created the first two dog centipede! bwahahaha.

Brett T. Nelson
Malt Bill
Amt (lbs)Type
Amt (oz)TypeTime
1.0Nelson Sauvin (11.4%)60
1.0Nelson Sauvin (11.4%)15
1.0Nelson Sauvin (11.4%)5
2.0Nelson Sauvin (11.4%)0
2.0Nelson Sauvin (11.4%)Keg Hop
Mash Schedule
170F2qt/lb15min - vorlauf
YeastBrett Trois WLP644 (2L stepped starter)
84% effIBU55
7gal BoilFG


lifefermented said...

WLP644 is one of my favorite yeasts. I made a similar beer with pale malt and mosaic hops a while back, and I keep meaning to make another WLP644 beer. Somehow it keeps managing to get pushed back to "two brews from now" every time. But, it's a nice warm-weather yeast, so defiantly this summer some time.
- Dennis, Life Fermented Blog

Jeffrey Crane said...

Nelson - Brett Drie is just about my favorite combo since I brewed with it back in 2012. (Mosaic last year was a close second).

I'm working on a new beer for Council Brewing and thinking of a hoppy wheat (30% wheat, some flaked) and finishing it with Amarillo and Hallertau Blanc (German answer to Nelson).

Any changes you would make on your beer?

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