Monday, June 9, 2014

Dunkelweizen Redux

Not much to say about this beer.  It is basically a redo of one I did last year that I really liked a lot.  The only difference is that I decided to take the OG up a bit. In hindsight writing about it Im not sure that I like the idea of that as much as I did when I brewed it. Only time will tell if this beer will have the great balance that the previous one did.

One thing I have noticed on the past two wheat beers  Ive done is that my efficiency dropped a bit on both.  Now I don't do many wheat beers (malted at least) so it may be that I'm not crushing the wheat malt quite as finely as I need to get my efficiency up where I like it (high 80's).

When I use unmalted wheat, and well, really any unmalted grain I tend to grind it to flour.  I guess my question to those malted wheat beer aficionados out there is, how fine do you grind you wheat malt? And are you getting a different efficiency with those types of beers than you normally do?? Its more of a curiosity to me than anything else.

Dunkelweizen Redux
Malt Bill
Amt (lbs)Type
5.75Vienna (Weyermann)
5.75Pale Wheat (Weyermann)
3.0 ozCarafa II
Amt (oz)TypeTime
3.0Hallertau Mittelfrueh (3.3%)60
Mash Schedule
170F2.0qt/lb15min - vorlauf
YeastGerman Wheat WY 3333 (750mL starter)
79% effIBU18
7.25gal BoilFG


lifefermented said...

I've noticed this drop in efficiency as well, but I've more or less come to the conclusion that if my efficiency drops or there isn't enough wheat or rye character, I'll just add more and be done with it.

But to your point of grinding it to a flour: wouldn't you be getting all sorts of undesirable tannins and things from the husks, according to conventional wisdom? I suppose if you have never noticed it, its probably not an issue.

- Dennis, Life Fermented Blog

Ryan said...


Im kinda with you on adding more, but Im a stickler for efficiency, too many years in grad school for engineering I guess...

As to the tanning comment, there isnt a husk on wheat so that shouldnt be a concernt

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