Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Cochise Stronghold Review - 4½ yrs in

I was recently out digging in my garage and came across a box from our move from Phoenix that was still taped up and marked "Brew".  Opening the box I was in for a surprise! It had one last 6 pack of bombers of Cochise Stronghold, 2x 750mL of Porthos, a couple Sauerkraut Gosebier, Serendiptiy Sour (Muscat Grapes) and a Vanilla Orange Gose!!!!!

Appearance - Still no foam, though lots of bubbles, brownish red with exceptional clarity

Aroma - Very strong molasses flavor reminiscent of the Muscovado sugar, fruit and caramel with an ever so slight note of oxidation (sherry/nougat-like) that rounds out the aroma

Taste - Powerful caramel flavors, no alcohol that is noticable what so ever, funky old apple flavor in the finish that really reminds me of calvados

Mouthfeel - Moderate carbonation even after all these years, a touch lower would help accentuate the current flavor profile

Drinkability - Really good, the age on this beer has turned it outstanding

Notes/Thoughts - The change in this beer has been profound, and it has really stood up to the age well.  I really wish I had a few more bottles of this laying around, though with the aging I also wish that the carbonation was a tad lower, but how could I have guessed that over 4 years ago? 

I may have to re-brew something like this again this fall.  Hopefully I will be able to find a couple bushels of Pippins, Jonathans, and Gravensteins to add my loaded crab apple tree to.  The next time I will carbonate to two different levels, one for quick consumption and another to age and may even toss a part in an oak barrel for a month or so to add some tannin (for body) and vanillin

Brewday - 1/9/2012 - Notes & Recipe


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